Movie Dream Cast: Leah Crichton’s “Amaranthine”

Today, we bring you a guest post from Leah Crichton, author of Amaranthine:

Authors and their books are about as unique as snowflakes. But no matter what kind of writer you are, or what genre you write in, there’s something the greater majority of us have in common: the dream of seeing your book on the big screen. Hollywood. That’d be pretty awesome, right?

Needless to say, putting actual faces to characters you know better than yourself is a lot of fun. Which brings me to today’s post. “My Dream Cast.” Were Amaranthine ever to be made into a film and I could pick anyone to play the characters who are so close to my heart, I’d love to see the following people bringing my book to life.

Ireland – Molly C Quinn. She has the mandatory red locks and the sweetest look about her. And as much as Ireland is sassy and spunky and has an attitude, inside she’s just a regular girl. I think Molly could pull it off beautifully.  

Orion – Kellan Lutz. Orion is a big guy. Kellan is a big guy. Orion has dimples. So does Kellan. Coincidence? Yep. Cool? Yep. Would Kellan be the PERFECT Orion? Oh, yes! 

Damien – Chris Zylka.  Damien is a tough one. For a long time I thought Chord Overstreet would be ideal. Until I saw “Jake” on the Secret Circle and for no explainable reason, I stopped. That WAS Damien. It was like someone took him from my head and put him on TV. 

Luke – Hayden Christensen.  I think Hayden would make an excellent Luke. He could easily pull over the cute-nerdy older brother. Imagine the picture above with a pair of glasses. ‘Nuff said. :)

Supporting Cast Members: Annasophia Robb, Cody Linley, Vanessa Hudgens, Arielle Kebbel

Location! Location! Location!

Amaranthine is not set in a fictional town but rather a real place. Vancouver/Lower Mainland of British Columbia. If you’ve seen: Juno, X-Men, The Twilight Saga, The A-Team, or Smallville, you’ve seen for yourself what BC has to offer. If you are reading this and you live there, know how jealous I truly am. As it is, I must settle for going once or twice a year, but if I were to win the lotto tomorrow, that squealing sound would be my tires making a break for this beautiful place. Needless, to say, I wouldn’t want it to be shot anywhere else.


So there you have it. My not-so-secret dream casting for Amaranthine. Are you reading the novel? Was I right on the money or did I get it wrong? If you could cast anyone to play the characters in your own books who would they be and why? 

Read Amaranthine on Wattpad (Mobile Wattcode 1847240)

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